About me


My name is Adrien Montcoudiol, I’m a young tech entrepreneur and traveler.

I study business at ESCP Europe (Paris) and I took a 2-year break (from June ’13 to Aug ’15) to discover innovative ecosystems (starting w. Silicon Valley), meet inspiring people and work on great projects.

After a 6-month marketing internship at NextUser in San Francisco, I’m now in charge of growth at Good.co, an amazing start-up helping people find jobs that fit them better. I’m also getting to code (HTML, CSS, JS & PHP)!

Previously, I founded Start Me Up (Entrepreneurs’ student club in Paris, London, Madrid & Berlin) and launched two mobile apps (Feel & Jukeo) with a few friends. I also like to gather great people at events like I did with Students At LeWeb in London (June ’13) or with the monthly meet-up Early Entrepreneurs in San Francisco.

I’m open to interesting projects for February ’14 and later.

Life is short, let’s talk:

                                     Twitter Adrien Montcoudiol  LinkedIn Adrien Montcoudiol  Facebook Adrien Montcoudiol


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